Industry 4.0 revolution is already transforming manufacturing processes and IIoT is a primary catalyst for this transformation. Our IIoT solutions integrates with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways, enabling many-to-many interoperability between them. Through this interoperability and unified data sharing, separate parts of the manufacturing production line become more responsive and capable to instantly react to different events or change their configuration settings accordingly. Failure prediction and troubleshooting also become reliable and straightforward.
  • Integrates multiple sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways to drive analytics and improvement
  • Smart manufacturing process – failure prediction & optimized end to end process
Manufacturing Remote Monitoring
Predictive maintenance
Device Gateway Connectivity apps
Workforce Tracking
Unified factory-wide interconnectivity
Failure mitigation and safety control
Centralized config. data updates
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