Convergence – Cloud, Big Data & IoT

During the past few years, Information Technology industry has seen several major paradigm shifts in technology. These shifts have been primarily in the areas of cloud computing, big data, mobility and the Internet of Things. Moving forward, the convergence of these will create a new “platform” for enterprises to develop new business and mission capabilities. These capabilities will enable a more integrated view of IT architecture and enable insightful data analytics.

First, cloud computing will be the dominant technology-consumption model. Cloud services are becoming ubiquitous and will be more integrated into all business processes.

Second, big data analytics and the growth of data, mostly unstructured or semi-structured, will dwarf the current data sets that we manage in our enterprises and personal lives. The challenge and opportunity will be to not only store this data, but also capture, analyse and manage it to extract meaningful value.

Third, although the shift to Internet of Things (IoT) is still in its infancy, as more and more objects, sensors, devices and control systems connect and interact on the network, new and undiscovered value will be achieved by enterprises. IoT will also become a dominant source of machine-generated data. The rapid proliferation of mobile devices will lead to a mobile consumption of cloud services. With added capabilities and functions, mobile devices will be the dominant source of machine-to-machine generated data.

As Cloud, Big Data and IoT technologies evolve and converge, more opportunities are created – delivering greater control over, access to and understanding of data analytics. The key takeaway is to look for ways to create and leverage existing opportunities of intersections – It is at those intersections that the next generation of capabilities will be found.

This convergence is a focus for FirstQA Systems K.K. to build the next generation business IT and data solution for our enterprise customers.

FirstQA’s Consulting led IT Services had benefited many Nikkei 225 and foreign companies in Japan to achieve success with their strategic IT initiatives.

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