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Access for FirstQA HQ office at Yokohama, Japan


[Nihon-Odori station of the Minato Mirai Line]

Just 5 minutes walk from Exit No.3 at Nihon-Odori station of the Minato Mirai Line.

After stepping out of Exit No.3 and reaching aboveground, turn right and go straight along Honcho-Odori street  towards Motomachi / Chinatown with The Yokohama Landmark Tower behind you. After passing by the first traffic signal crossing called “Osanbashi Iriguchi”,  After passing by the Japanese Red Cross Society on the right, stop at the second traffic signal junction called “Yamashitacho ShoboshutchojoThe Yamashita Town Fire Station is just across the road.

Turn left and cross the road. A convenience store Seven-Eleven at 1F of  Yomiuri-Yokohma Bldg. (読売横浜ビル), Yokohama Branchi of  the Yomiuri Shimbun News is on the left and a classical design wedding hall “la banque de LoA” is on the right. Go straight along the small road and stop at the next road junction without any traffic signal. A Chinese restaurant: “Lee’s” (李さんの店) is on the right, and just across the road is Nittochi Yamashita-cho, a tall, brown building. FirstQA Systems is located on the second floor accessible by elevator.


[Ishikawacho station of the JR Negishi line]

Just 12 minutes walk from North Exit at Ishikawacho station of the JR Negishi line.

Get off at “Ishikawacho station” and get out the ticket gate of Chinatown (North exit). As you exit the ticket gate, you will see the exit on the left and right, but you will see it on the left. If you turn to the left as it is, you can see Chinatown Xiyang Gate (西陽門) soon. Then you go straight through the gate and follow the bowed road, you can see Chinatown Yanping Gate (延平門) over the pedestrian crossing. Go straight through the gate for a while and you will see the Shan Lin Gate (善隣門).
You can see the Kaga Police Station on the left (there is a Shan Lin Gate 善隣門 on the right), cross the pedestrian crossing the Kaga Police Station and go to the right side of the Kaga Police Station a little to see the public toilet on the left side.
When crossing the pedestrian crossing on the back side of the public toilet, there is a little super market called “My Basket – AEON” on the left side and Royal Hall Yokohama on the right side.

If you go straight ahead on that road you will find Hotel JAL City Kannai Yokohama on the right, Yamashita-cho Fire Station. Go straight ahead and go straight to the main street called “Honcho-Odori street”.
Cross the pedestrian crossing on the main street, go further straight and you will find a standing style Soba shop on the right side, a Bento shop, and a Chinese restaurant “Lee’s” (李さんの店) on the corner.
There is our office building called Nittochi Yamashitacho Building in front of the Chinese restaurant please go to the second floor by elevator to get to our FirstQA Systems K.K. head office.


[Kan-nai station of the JR Negishi line and Yokohama City Subway Blue line]

Around 15 minutes walk from the South Exit at Kan-nai station of JR Negishi Line or No.1 Exit at Kan-nai station of Yokohama City Subway Blue line.

From “South Exit” at Kan-nai station of JR Negishi line, or “No.1 Exit” at Kan-nai station of Yokohama City Subway Blue line, go straight the way between Yokohama City Hall and Yokohama Park / Yokohama Stadium for about 700m to the intersection called “Kencho-Kousaten” (the intersection at the Prefectural Government) and turn right.  As you go about 100m, you will find the above Exit No. 3 of Nihon-Odori station. From Nihon-Odori station, please follow above [Nihon-Odori station of the Minato Mirai Line] section.



Note: The above picture was taken from the sea side (North). The building entrance is on the reverse side which is closer to Nihon-Odori station.


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