firstPPM is Japan’s first cloud based solution addressing the project & portfolio planning and management needs of Enterprise IT.

firstPPM is founded on the belief that everyone in the IT organization should be equipped with solution that

  • Fosters an environment where collaborative decision making is easier
  • Helps minimize the risks in IT projects in terms of business impact
  • Ensure the resources are maximized for control and efficiency

firstPPM is a collaborative system to plan, review and manage multiple projects using a browser based Graphical User Interface. All the project team members can take part in the planning and this makes possible to have a real-time planning. The system has been designed for a portfolio, where multiple projects and resources interact to carry out the IT projects inside an organization. For further details, please visit firstPPM website at

firstPPM enables our customers to drive and improve IT Governance, project execution maturity and deliver on time & budget with the flexibility of a cloud solution.


Identify the tasks which make up a project and estimate the hours needed to accomplish them. You do it by creating hierarchical structures as WBS in a graphical and powerful way.


Flexibility to choose the level of the WBS tree at which you create Gantt tasks. Once the planning tasks are created, you are provided with an interactive interface to create the Gantt Chart.


Allocate dedicated resources for a project based on number of working days or hours. Allocation can be based on various calendar configurations as well as restriction on number of work hours including overtime.


Create the project WBS starting from zero or by applying project templates. They are building blocks to ensure consistency and compliance to Project Management Office (PMO) standards of an IT organization.


Allocate and delete project resources (can be people or equipment). Dedicated and/or shared resources can be allocated to projects. Equipment such as server or specific software availability can be added in the WBS for planning and tracking purpose.


Dedicated resource has his personal page to check assigned tasks for the project. The resource can update the progress of his assigned task along with time spent and any expenses incurred for the project. Monthly time sheet is used to track planned v/s actual effort for the assigned tasks in a project. Project Manager can review the assigned tasks between team members before approving the phase or milestone completion.


Integrated Earned Value Management technique to help measure project performance and progress.


Monte Carlo Simulation to estimates the probability density function during using the PERT optimistic, most likely and pessimistic times of the tasks belonging to the critical path.


Multi-project focus, analyze projects currently being managed by the company in an integrated manner. KPI driven executive dashboard provides real-time project status based on project schedule, resource and cost parameters.


View, monitor and optimize resources deployed across projects. Analyze load status and utilization in a graphical and powerful way.


Track resource utilization, timesheets, project expenses against budget allocation.


Measure and control the project cost in a natural way. Analyze in an integrated way with the project planning. Projects have a budgeted effort hours and money managed through the WBS and you track it through the hours dedicated by the resources during project execution and through the expenses spent in the different project activities.

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