Big Data


Big Data involves using technology to collect, organise and analyse large amounts of data from sources such as a customer survey, daily production information, smart sensors and machine readings to make better decisions. Making enterprises more customer-centric, sharpening focus on key initiatives that lead to entering new markets and creating new business models, and improving operational performance are three dominant factors driving analytics by leveraging Big Data.

Unleashing the insights hidden in data, FirstQA Systems is enabling enterprises with the potential to compete and improve in areas they had limited visibility into before. Examples of these areas include the complexity of Manufacturing & Supply-Chain analysis of large manufacturing company in Japan, targeting high-net worth customers for cross-selling investment bank products or improving customer services of Insurance company for higher market share.

By 2020, there will be an estimated 50 billion IoT devices, we will have avalanche of data in real-time and Big Data solutions and services are the way to drive analytics and business meaning. FirstQA Systems leverages a range of analytical & data visualization tools to build and deliver Big Data solutions. Some of these are:

  • Data Visualization & Analytics : Tableau, Cognos, Business Objects and Hyperion Essbase Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection : Anodot
  • Big Data, Cloud : Hadoop, Hive, HBase and Spark


Anomaly Detection of Real Time Business Incident issues

Leveraging the power of Big Data technologies, FirstQA Systems offers Anomaly Detection analytics service to our enterprise customers. Our real time analytics and automated anomaly detection solutions discovers outliers in vast amounts of time series data and turns them into valuable business insights. By leveraging patented machine learning algorithms of our platform partner, FirstQA System’ solution leverages real-time streaming data to identify, report, and visualize business incidents as they occur, enabling its customers to quickly and effectively manage crises and uncover business opportunities. Instead of the usual days or weeks it currently takes companies to detect and understand data anomalies, our solution identifies and notifies customers about issues in mere minutes in real-time.


Using our solution and services, FirstQA System’ customers can be warned of breakdowns or opportunities before they learn about them the hard way, from customer complaints or lost revenue. They have access to real-time analytics that use machine learning to correlate incidents to best understand the root cause.

Convergence of Cloud, Big Data and IoT technologies is a focus for us to build the next generation business IT and data analytical solutions for our enterprise customers.

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