FirstQA System was an early adopter of distributed ledger technology by implementing ‘Trace and Track’, a provenance and traceability solution for supply chain management using blockchain technologies from Himitsu Lab Limited. We assist and enable our enterprise clients explore every aspect of blockchain and implement Dapps (Distributed Apps) designed to deliver value. Through architecture, design, and development, we serve our clients in their quest for innovative blockchain solutions that address real business challenges.

Our strengths are :
  • Expertise in implementing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) applications
  • Private and Public blockchain applications
  • Leverage Smart Contracts to automate business rules
  • Deployed solutions using Hyperledger and NEM blockchain platforms
  • Blockchain solution framework on Hyperledger platform using Dockers and Kubernetes. Leverage framework as accelerator for quick implementation
  • Enable clients to accelerate time to market to capture the value of blockchain
We deliver the following Blockchain Services to our enterprise clients :
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Create new business models built on next generation decentralized blockchain platform
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Implemented business Dapps leveraging distributed ledgers
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Integrate IoT solutions for provenance and data source
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Collaborate with client teams to assess Blockchain feasibility. Do Proofs of Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for use cases and evaluation of blockchain business model and solutions
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Design and architect industry blockchain solutions, leveraging our depth of expertise and framework
FirstQA Systems had implemented Himitsu Lab’s Trace and Track blockchain solution for provenance and traceability using Hyperledger platform. Our solution is suitable for all manufacturing organization. Key features are:

  • Supply-Chain Provenance and Traceability solution
  • End to end solution from raw material, manufacturing, logistics, distributor and end clients
  • Integrates with existing supply-chain, warehouse and logistics systems
  • Enables traceability and trace-forward of any product which has a unique identified (product or package)
  • Multi-product, multi-client, multi-locations ready
  • Leverage blockchain to ensure authenticity and eliminate fraud
  • Smart Contracts based business logic (planned release)
  • Secured and scalable architecture with business growth
Features and Functionalities of Trace and Track SCM​